Shooting in Ireland

Ireland has welcomed visiting productions of all shapes and sizes for many years. From big US blockbuster movies including the most recent Star Wars to TV shows (currently ‘Vikings’ and ‘ Game of Thrones’) to commercial and stills shoots, big and small – and they all get the same excellent welcome and service.

The reasons for filming here are many but top draws that keep companies coming back are the huge variety of locations within a stones throw of the capital, English-speaking world class crew, excellent studio facilities, a great variety of cast and  first class equipment rental houses.  The amazing light, particularly on the west coast, makes for a deliciously long ‘magic hour’.

Shooting in Ireland is extremely cost effective – rates compare very favourably with comparable markets.  Cast buyouts are very reasonable and always negotiable.

While work/life balance is not always uppermost in people’s minds when they travel on business, Ireland offers a most welcoming and relaxing background against which to work. We have top class hotels and restaurants dotted all over the country and we like our visitors to feel very welcome and very at home. We know how hard production can be, and how long the hours are, so it is important to us that you can rest and relax in your down time as much as possible in as pleasant an environment as possible.  We are famous for our hospitality and that hospitality extends to our incoming productions!

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